How to choose downlight for high-end hotels? What is the coup for anti-glare downlights?

Five-star hotels have always been luxurious, but which ones are the bet? Recently, the hotel design magazine Sleeper launched an award that is recognized as a heavyweight in the design industry--AHEAD Awards.


In the shortlisted works, regardless of the differences in hardware, the overall atmosphere of each hotel is quite good, which is largely due to the distinct, quite and comfortable light environment.


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So, how can we get excellent hotel lighting effects? This requires us to combine different hotel types and fully consider issues such as illuminance standards, lighting level planning, reasonable lighting, lighting selection, scene control and other issues. Among them, the choice of lamps is really important. It can be said that the criterion for good lighting is to a large extend in choosing the right lamp to illuminate the part you need to illuminate.

The hotel itself is the complex structrure, covering areas such as the front hall, lobby, restaurant, corridor, rooms etc, with different heights and different demands. The lamps and lanterns should be combined with the needs of different spaces, especially for the main downlight. Natural choice is very important. However, downlights always have such troubles in the applications of hotels, especially in some high celling spaces:

1. The lamp power is too hight, bright and blind. The power is too low, walking in the dark.

2. The strobe is too high, making people mentally tired.

3. The brightness of the light radiation area is uneven, some areas are clean and bright, and some areas are dim and dark.

4. The light quality does not meet the standard, but ony reaches the basic standard of light up.

5. Trouble installation and disassembly, and later maintenance is time-consuming and laborious.

It seems that as the main lighting of the hotel space, there is a lot of knowledge about downlights. Today we will have a good chat, how to choose a good downlight in a hotel space.


The role of downlights in various areas of the hotel.

1.we must clarify the functional requirements of downlights in each area of the hotel. Generally speaking, the hotel is divided into high-rise areaand low-rise area. Therefore, we should choose downlights according to the characteristics of these two areas.

The hotel lobby, restaurant and other high-rise areas, the floor height is usually H>6m high-rise area, the demand for LED Downlights is embedded (integrated with the environment, not overwhelming guests), larger power, large diameter (large size), good anti-glare performance.


2. Hotel corridors, rooms, toilets and other areas, the “ low floor height area” with an average floor height of H<2.8m, the requirements for the LED downlights are embedded (appears clean ceilings without compressing floor heights), low power, and small caliber(small size), good anti-glare performance.


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How to choose the right downlight for the hotel?The role of downlights in various areas of the hotel.

As the main lighting fixture of the space, a good downlight should have the following points:

1. Anti-glare lamps: right place is bright but the lamp is not bright.

① Downlights that meet the requirements of the cut-off angle (cut-off angle>30º, and more than 45º is better)


② Deep recessed downlight


③ Luminaires with various anti-glare rings


④ Special optical reflectors


2. Lamp with adjustable angle function

Not only does it increase the function of the downlights, it also allows the ceiling lamp to achieve regularity and enhance the possibilities of space.


3. Accurate beam angle

For the hotel, the beam angle is one of the effective ways to build a sense of light hierarchy and atmosphere

For the hotel space, the beam angle is one of the effective ways to build a sense of light hierarchy and atmosphere. In the era of LED Lights, beam angles of different brands are different. If it is a LED light used in a hotel room, it is recommended to use medium to narrow (15-18˚), (medium-beam 22-25˚),  and medium to wide (28-30˚), and the hotel lobby can use wide beams amgle (55-60˚), different angles are used in different areas.

4. The light quality of the lamps meets the standard.

Light quality evaluation indicators of LED Lighting products: color temperature, color rendering, R9 value and color tolerance (SDCM), etc. The light quality requirements of LED downlights are as follows:


5. The light spots are clean and regular

The hotel space must be tidy and clean, whether it is a facade or a plane. Any messy light or shadow will affect the visual effect, and have no meaning in creating a soft and uniform lighting environment and expressing the irradiated object itself. Therefore, a good light spot should be neat and beautiful, and halo should be natural.


Post time: Jan-16-2021