The Differences Between Edge-lit and Back-lit Panel Light

LED Panel Lights have become a major contributor to energy savings in the corporate sector. The shift to LED panel fixtures from fluorescent-based troffers is on a rapid rise. These fixtures are available in Back-lit and Edge-lit variants, and they both diff in some key aspects. In here, we will look at the key differences between the two that should be considered before you choose them for a project.

Edge-lit panel light is thinner than back-lit and can be only 8.85mm, the thinnest lamp on the market now.

In Edge-lit panel light, the light is produced from the LED chips positioned on the sides of the panel. The light passes through the LGP and is then refracted downwards.




In Back-lit LED Panel, the light source is on the back of the panel, so there is some gao between the light source and the panel. This system on arrangement allows a uniform brightness from the light-emitting surface of the panel.




3. Luminous
Backlit LED Panels are always more efficient than their Edgelit counterparts. Light from the matrix of LED chips only travels through the thickness of the diffuser material. Light losses within the fixture are much lower, meaning a higher lumen output, the luminous efficiency can be easily to achieve 140lm/w.
In Edge-lit panel light,the light is bounced through a diffuser.The light loss is very big and even a little hard to achieve 120lm/w.

4.Heat Dissipation
In Back-lit Panel Light, the light source is on the back of plate, the cooling space is big. So the heat dissipation effect is better, lifespan is longer.

Back-lit panel light doesn’t need the LGP, so no yellowing will be happen on this.

6.High Cost Effective
Back-lit panel light need less materials, the cost of the light is lower than edge-lit panel light.

Post time: Jul-15-2020