Tri-Colour Light

Advantage of Tri-colour Light

Reduce the storage of lights. For a retailer, wholesale, they only need to storage 1 type of light with tri-colour to meet their customer’s diff CCT requirements. This can reduce their inventory capital pressure.

A common problem for electrical contractors is that they install lights in a room and the clients doesn’t like the colour temperature. Rather than sending them back or living with something they don’t like for years, tri-colour lights can be changed by the flick of a switch. This is another reason why they are becoming increasingly popular. Electrical contractors love them and can help to keep their customers happy, even if its the customer who ordered the lights incorrectly in the first place.

Sometimes in the future the end customer might have plans to redecorate the room to be whiter or to be warmer. Rather than replacing all of lights to keep up with their new environment, they just change their colour temperature and keep them.


Simons’ Tri-colour Lights

Plastic cover aluminum downlight
This is the build-in driver downlight, the CCT switcher is on the lights, see the image below.

2 (2)



Aluminum downlight
The switcher is on the driver housing

2 (2)


Panel light

2 (2)

Post time: Jul-15-2020